ThrowAndGoPillows, a division of Smart Luxe Living, was created in West Hartford, Connecticut by a habitual problem-solver. Mark always woke up later than his wife and therefore was responsible for making the bed; which consisted of the time consuming exercise of placing and arranging throw pillows and going back and forth around the bed to adjust them in the same exact configuration.... day after day....after day.

Always thinking about how to be efficient with his time, Mark pondered the possibility of connecting the pillows together so they would be already arranged, and would have the ability to be tossed on, and removed from, the bed in one easy motion. After about two dozen prototypes, Mark arrived at the patent-pending design, utilizing multiple sizes of pillows and heavy-duty locking snaps. ThrowAndGoPillows was born!

Mark called his brother-in-law Jerry, who is a design consultant in New York City, and asked him if he would collaborate to hand-pick the finest fabrics, patterns and color combinations to compliment the engineered design. His answer was an immediate Yes! Using his design expertise, Jerry developed a pallet of fabrics in various sizes, patterns and combinations. The choices run the gamut from upscale bedrooms to daring dorm rooms. Jerry even included a matching bed runner with each set to give it that luxurious hotel feel. Jerry made the idea really come to life.

ThrowAndGoPillows is a never-before-seen, much-needed innovation that is a solution to an everyday, mundane task - while not sacrificing style and design. Not only did Mark and Jerry want to give people an easier path to luxury, but more importantly, they wanted to enable people to take some of their time back in the mornings and evenings.

ThrowAndGoPillows is the Luxe Bed Revolution.

Throw and Go Pillows is
A Division of Smart Luxe Living LLC
West Hartford, Connecticut